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Two-Step Login Protection to Extend to All Cornell Web Services Starting July 18, 2023

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On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, Cornell will extend the requirement for Two-Step Login (Duo) authentication to all university web applications that require Cornell NetID login.

While university staff have already been required to authenticate with Two-Step Login when connecting to all web applications, faculty and students have only been required to use Duo for secure services like Student and Faculty Center, Workday, and PeopleSoft.

The authentication process itself will not change and current Duo users can expect to use the same authentication devices and methods they currently use.

Faculty, student, retiree, or other users who have not previously enrolled in Two-Step Login to authenticate sign-ins to Cornell services can find information about enrolling and setting up the service by visiting Two-Step Login. Specific instructions for enrolling in the service are found at the Get Started with Two-Step Login: Quick Guide. Before starting the enrollment process, be prepared to provide a cell phone or landline number and, if you would like to use the Duo Push authentication method, to install the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone.

Note that alumni, whose access to Cornell applications after graduation is limited, will not be affected by this change.

If users encounter issues with Two-Step Login or signing in to Cornell web applications, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

Why Is Cornell Making This Change?

The increasing threat to Cornell user accounts and resources makes it necessary for us to protect the sign-in process for all university applications and websites. Two-factor authentication services like Two-Step Login make it much more difficult for intruders to use your identity to access Cornell services. Even should your password be stolen, the second step in the process prevents them from signing in as you.

Thousands of your fellow Cornell users connect securely to university websites every day using the Two-Step Login service. For some time now, Cornell University employees have already been required to authenticate with Two-Step Login when connecting to web applications, and faculty and student users have been required to do so for mission-critical resources like Workday and Faculty Center.

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