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Two-Step Login Authentication Will Be Added to Office 365 Login for Students Monday, July 20, 2020

Starting Monday, July 20, 2020, students who use Office 365 productivity tools will need to authenticate using Two-Step Login when they log in.

Most students are already familiar with using Two-Step Login to access other important resources such as Student Essentials, Student Center, or Canvas. Similarly, the use of Two-Step Login to secure Office 365 documents and email will make their Office 365 resources, email, calendar, contacts, and shared Office documents Office applications safer from malicious users too.

Adding Two-Step Login to Office 365’s login process will not increase the number of times students need to log in. It will only provide the additional step of authenticating using one of the methods the student chose when signing up for Two-Step Login.

  • To learn more about Two-Step Login and Office 365, visit Office 365 and Two-Step Login for details.
  • Most students, with the notable exception of those in the Johnson College of Business, are using Cornell G Suite for Students rather than Office 365, so this change should not affect them.
  • With this change, students will only be able to use the Microsoft or Apple email and calendar clients (or Outlook on the Web) to access Office 365. In addition, the POP and IMAP protocols can no longer be used to check for email messages. For more information about supported clients, see Before You Start Using Two-Step Login with Office 365.
  • For details about managing Two-Step Login, see Manage Two-Step Login Devices.

This new requirement is a part of the university’s overall strategy to improve online security for students’ personal information.

If you have questions about using Two-Step Login with Office 365 or encounter issues with the service, contact the IT Service Desk.

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