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Tune Up Zoom Before You Start the Semester!

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Overnight on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, Zoom will make requested changes to Cornell’s Zoom account requiring Cornell users to have the Zoom client application version 5.2 or greater to log in or join Cornell Zoom meetings.

How Do I Know If I Need to Upgrade?

Because Zoom 5.2 was released months ago in August 2020, many Cornell users will already have upgraded to 5.2 or a more recent version by now.

But be aware that, after the upcoming change has been made, if you are running an earlier version of Zoom, you will be unable to join or start Cornell Zoom meetings until you update the Zoom client to the most recent version. When you try to join with a version previous to 5.2, you will be prompted to download and update the current version.

It's not hard to update, but if you have a version before 5.2, you should upgrade now to avoid any inconvenience once the semester begins. 

For details on checking your Zoom version and how to upgrade, visit Check Your Zoom Application Version and Upgrade to the Most Recent VersionIn general, Cornell Zoom users are strongly encouraged to keep their Zoom application running the most recent version to enjoy the latest meeting tools and security features.

Improved Breakout Rooms

The first change being made in early February will improve the performance of Breakout Rooms in Zoom meetings. Those who are familiar with them know that Breakout Rooms are a popular way for those managing meetings to split up participants into separate discussion groups and is widely used in Zoom meetings that support Cornell courses.

After the change, hosts will be able to create up to 100 breakout rooms for a meeting—up from the previous limit of 50. In addition, the number of participants who can be pre-assigned to Breakout Rooms will increase. Hosts with Large Meeting licenses will be able to pre-assign all of their participants to Breakout Rooms, up from the former limit of 200.

Move to the Zoom Add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Many users enjoy the convenience of adding Zoom meeting links and information to their scheduled Outlook Calendar events. In the past, there have been two similar but different tools to help you do this:

  • the Zoom Plugin for Outlook, which was installed from the Zoom website (now being phased out)
  • the Zoom for Outlook add-in which is installed from within Outlook 

Because the Zoom Plugin is legacy software and being phased out, Cornell Zoom users who want to continue adding Zoom meeting links in their Outlook Calendar events should move to the Zoom for Outlook add-in from Microsoft.

Cornell users with managed devices will have the new add-in installed automatically starting February 4, 2021, if they do not already have it installed, and in that case may only need to uninstall the legacy plugin.

For details about  how to tell which version you have installed and steps to install the correct add-in and remove the legacy software, visit Switch from Zoom's Plug-in for Outlook to Microsoft's Outlook Zoom Add-in.

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