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Things to Think About on Data Privacy Day

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Sunday, January 28, 2018 is Data Privacy Day. To ensure you're in control of your personal information in the coming year, consider the following.

Being cyber aware improves your privacy and security

When you hear about cyber scams, always think, “This could happen to me.” Focusing your attention will make you a harder target. Be fully aware of “social engineering”--essentially, somebody trying to trick you on a phone call or email by pretending to be someone you can trust. Only open email and text messages from people you know, and always have your guard up for odd-looking links. Keep your computers and mobile devices current with the latest operating system updates and security software, and use strong passwords. 
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Five things you can do to manage your privacy now

Most households run networks of devices linked to the Internet: computers, game consoles, assistants, smart TVs, phones, and wearables. They make it easy to connect to the world, but be aware they can also track and share a lot about you. When shopping for a new device that can connect to the Internet and other networks, determine what data will be gathered and from whom.

Check how the companies that make apps and devices protect and control data. Does the value of the services gained from sharing data outweigh the value of the data you're being asked to surrender?

Beware of alleged online surveys or cold calls that are actually intended to steal personal information.

Bogus offers for freebies often require your credit card, saying it is necessary to cover shipping costs or a deposit. That could lead to unnecessary charges on your bill or a recurring charge you cannot get rid of.

Think twice before downloading free entertainment, screen savers, or mobile apps. Some of them are specifically created to steal personal information, passwords, and files.
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Keeping your identity and personal information safe is a year-round proposition! Next week is Tax ID Theft Awareness Week. Find out risks and how to avoid them.

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