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Things to know about URLs on the new IT@Cornell site after Jan. 14th

After the new IT@Cornell website launches URLs to all service home pages and to other major pages will continue to work (via redirects).

For example, URLs like these will be fine:   
If you have Confluence, Box, etc. linking to deeper subpages (for example, something like, you should plan to update those URLs after January 14 to avoid "page not found". 
If you encounter "page not found", use the search within the new site to find the page at its new location. 

It's very easy to add more redirects, so after January 14, we'll be keeping a close watch and also adding them on request. Note that the way information is organized on the new site has changed in many ways, so some redirects will go to more general starting points.

External search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) will be able to crawl the new site starting late on January 14. Past experience suggests it may be a few days before the new site is fully indexed by those engines. Search within the site will work right away.

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