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Tech Tip: Keep Tabs on Your Apps and Devices

The average U.S. household has 11 Internet-connected devices. By 2030, 50 billion smart devices will be in use worldwide. These devices transform how we live and work. They provide a level of convenience in our lives, but they require that we share more information than ever. Your IoT devices may be gathering sensitive personal information without your knowledge while also putting your identity and privacy at risk.

Keep your apps and devices up to date.

  • Update your platform (e.g., iOS, Android, Chrome OS). Enable automatic operating system updates to enhance your privacy/security and fix flaws.
  • Update your apps. Enable automatic app updates to ensure you are using the most current security technologies.

Take a moment now to review the privacy and security settings of your apps and devices. Most devices default to the least secure settings. Decline app permission requests that don’t make sense and only download apps from trusted sources and vendors. If you're no longer using an app, delete it. When we take steps to secure our connected devices and data, we all benefit.

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