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TeamDynamix Will Upgrade on Saturday, December 3, 2022

On Saturday, December 3, 2022, TeamDynamix will upgrade from 11.5 to 11.6. This release incorporates over 20 different changes, however, they may not affect all Cornell TDX users.

Briefly, the changes include:

  • macOS Mojave and iOS 12 will no longer be supported by TeamDynamix.
Devices with macOS Mojave or iOS 12 should be upgraded to newer operating systems in order to connect to TeamDynamix.
  • Images and Tables are now supported in formatted text communications throughout the system. When an image is included in an inbound email, the image will be displayed in line in the Feed or ticket description.
  • Reports can now be owned by a group, allowing all members of the group to edit the report.
  • All areas of the client portal are now WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.
  • TeamDynamix can now connect to a shared mailbox in Microsoft 365.
  • The Teams integration now supports detecting a pasted URL for any supported item and expanding it into the TeamDynamix card.
  • Workspace owners can define removal rules, which enable removing multiple items at once from a workspace.
  • New ticketing application settings have been added to allow workspace members to interact with tickets and ticket tasks in applications that they do not have access to.

For questions about this upgrade, please submit a ticket here.

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