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TeamDynamix to Microsoft Teams Integration Available Starting March 17, 2021

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Starting Wednesday, March 17, 2021, the TeamDynamix project team will enable an app to provide search and messaging integration between TeamDynamix and Microsoft Teams.

This tool will let authorized TeamDynamix TDNext users search for TeamDynamix content and link to it in their Teams chat and channel messaging.

Note that this integration does not involve ticketing activities such as creating, assigning, or notifying others.

To get started, users can install the TeamDynamix app in Teams, then pin the TDX icon into the messaging toolbar for use in Teams chat or channel posts. Once installed, the app lets users search content in all TeamDynamix applications to which they have access. Clicking a search result listing will add a link to the TeamDynamix content in the Teams message.

For more details about this integration, visit:

If you have questions or concerns, contact the team at

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