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Support Requests to Qualtrics Require Sign-In Starting May 13, 2019

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Support for most aspects of using the Qualtrics survey service is handled by the vendor. Beginning May 13, 2019, it will be necessary to sign in before submitting a help request to Qualtrics. The process is brief and goes through CUWebLogin, so you can use your Cornell NetID and password. See how to sign into Qualtrics Support.

In addition to being able to request help, you also have the option of visiting the community site to see if your question has already been addressed there. 

Note: Qualtrics can help you with most, but not all, things you need to do with their survey service. The following are handled by CIT. Contact or the IT Service Desk if you need help with changing survey ownership, recovering a deleted survey, sending an invitation to a very large group, or adjusting account permissions or other account-related issues, such as moving your account to a different institution.

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