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Student Printing Improvements on the Way

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As a result of considerable feedback and guidance from the Student Assembly, IT Governance Council, and other university stakeholders, as well as an assessment of the current student printing service (Net-Print), a new project has been chartered and approved. The Student Printing Service Project is committed to delivering a consistent and equitable printing experience for Cornell students. Upcoming initiatives will roll out exciting new features and components of the service over time, aimed at striking the right balance of cost, ease of use, and environmental sustainability while streamlining support and infrastructure.

The primary goal is to maintain a tight focus on printing for students​. This project will strive for uniform and reduced printing rates​, offering students a free printing allocation. Priority is placed on using vendor-supported and -provided software​. There will be standardization of the applications and printers​ used, all while implementing a solution that is sustainable and environmentally conscientious​.

Prior to receiving governance approval, the results of the assessment and proposals for the new service were presented to various key stakeholders, including the Student Assembly, IT Service Group Directors, and College Business Officers. CIT will continue to share more information with these stakeholders as meetings with departmental representatives are scheduled.

Upcoming, project team representatives will present an overview of the Student Printing Service Project to the Student Assembly. Visit CU Print to learn more.

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