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Student Email Routing Successfully Moved Off Campus

On Sunday, October 7, 2018, routing for more than 35,000 student email accounts was moved from Cornell systems to Microsoft's, as planned. This change means that the university is one step closer to being able to eventually retire university equipment that handled the email. The shift produced no observable change for the majority of students who either receive their mail as delivered to their Google account at or who have set up forwarding in Google. The IT Service Desk has been providing support for students who still had forwarding set up in Who I Am when that Cornell component stopped being part of the path of mail delivery.

Planning is underway for addressing the handling of alumni email, the last large group of email accounts being routed through Cornell's historic email infrastructure. (Handling for faculty and staff email was successfully switched to Microsoft last year.) As plans for alumni email routing for delivery to G Suite (formerly Cmail) are formalized, a summary will be provided to the IT@Cornell community.

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