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Storage Caps Added to Cornell Faculty, Student, and Staff Google Accounts

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, storage caps were applied to faculty, student, and staff Cornell Google Drive accounts. The cap for each account is higher than the amount that was stored in Drive and allows some space for adding new content.

Individuals using Cornell Google services can see how much is stored in their account and how much space they have before their storage reaches the cap by visiting their Drive storage page. (Those with multiple Google accounts can make sure they are seeing their Cornell account by clicking the profile icon in the upper right and selecting or logging into the account associated with their address.)

When the cap is reached, Google will display a storage full message. Individuals with a full account should first reduce storage by following Google's suggestions. After removing content that no longer needs to be in cloud storage, if more space is still needed for Cornell education, research, or business projects, it can be requested.

Alternative storage solutions are available to faculty, students, and staff. Cornell OneDrive accounts provide 1 Terabyte of personal storage space. Box may have a storage cap added in 2023 and is well-suited for up to moderate amounts of storage. For large-scale data storage, see Amazon Web Services S3Azure, and Shared File Services. See also Cornell's Data Storage Finder.

For more information, see Why Cornell Google Services are Changing and the website for Cornell's Strategic Storage Initiative.

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