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Starting May 24, 2020, Zoom Will Require Passwords for All Meetings and Webinars

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Starting May 24, 2020, all Zoom meetings and webinars will require passwords. After this date, you will no longer have the option to schedule a meeting or webinar without a password, and these passwords will be embedded in Zoom Join links. In addition, existing meetings and webinars that don't already have a password on May 24 will have one automatically added by Zoom.

For this reason, we recommend that hosts proactively update any scheduled events that take place after or continue past May 24, 2020, to include a password.

What You Need to Do

After Sunday, May 24, 2020

You may have received a notification from Zoom telling you that a meeting you scheduled without a password has had one automatically added. To do this, you should:

  1. Open each Zoom meeting or webinar using the method you used to create it (e.g.,, Outlook plugin or add-in, or Canvas).
  2. Re-save the meeting or webinar, which you will see now includes a password, without making a change.
  • In the Outlook plugin or add-in, after saving or updating the Outlook appointment, you should use the Send Update button to send the new link, which now includes the embedded password, to your attendees. 
  • In the Canvas Zoom integration, editing and re-saving the meeting in Canvas without making changes will update the Join link for the course’s Zoom sessions. 

Before Sunday, May 24, 2020

Review and update your existing upcoming scheduled meetings and webinars. Meetings which already have passwords do not need to be updated.

In the Zoom website list of Upcoming Meetings, meetings without a password are flagged with .
  • For recurring or scheduled events that take place or continue past May 24, hosts need to add a password. After adding a password through Zoom, Outlook calendar, or Outlook on the Web, send an updated meeting appointment to participants with the new link. For details on adding passwords using Zoom, Canvas, or commonly used calendar applications, visit Zoom: Add a Password to an Existing Meeting.
  • In addition, meeting hosts adding a password to existing events between now and May 24 who have previously disabled the setting Embed password in invite link for one-click join should re-enable it before adding passwords to existing Zoom meetings and sending updated appointments to participants.
  • Instructors scheduling courses that include Zoom meetings must use the Zoom integration in Canvas to add passwords to course Zoom meetings. Editing the Zoom meeting any other way will not update the Join link in Canvas.

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