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Starting June 15, 2021, Cornell G Suite Will Use Cornell Single Sign On

On June 15, 2021, Cornell G Suite users were transitioned to log in using Cornell Single Sign-On (Shibboleth) instead of using the Google sign-in process. This change affected student, employee, and alumni users of Cornell G Suite (formerly CMail).

This project was part of Cornell’s ongoing effort to strengthen the security of email and other IT services. The specific timing of the transition was designed to move the project along without overly impacting student users during the Spring term, or alumni users during their reunion season.

Details for Affected User Groups


Following the transition, G Suite for Students users are required to authenticate with Two-Step Login when logging in. Students should already be familiar with using Two-Step Login (and the Duo application) to authenticate when logging in to a range of campus IT services including Student Center, Canvas, and Zoom.

Non-Students with G Suite

Faculty and staff users of Cornell G Suite were previously required to use Google 2-Step Verification. After the transition, they are required to use Two-Step Login when signing into G Suite.


After the transition, alumni Cornell G Suite users sign in using Cornell Single Sign On. Alumni who had enabled Google's 2-Step Verification no longer have access to it following the transition to Cornell sign on. While alumni are not currently required to use Two-Step Login, those who would like to regain or establish two-factor authentication may self-enroll in Two-Step Login. For details, users should visit Two-Step Login and in particular review the links under the heading "First Time Setup" in the sidebar menu.

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