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Skillsoft's New Course Experience Delivers High-Impact Microlearning

SkillSoft just made it easier to learn new material and acquire new skills with its new course player. Complementing the video-based courses format, a new user interface delivers significant enhancements including improved access to the bite-sized video learning objects, and other learning resources such as job aids, practice exercises, and transcripts. In addition, assessments have been enhanced to support remediation and more efficient access and re-taking of tests.

In response to the increasing demand for quick, on-demand training opportunities, Skillsoft’s new course interface places content at the center of learning.

“In today’s always-on, digital workforce, users increasingly expect instant access to short video content for moment-of-need support to more formal programs, such as certification,” said Tim Hildreth, Vice President of Product Management at Skillsoft. “But video alone, without supporting resources for the reinforcement and the application of the skills learned, isn’t enough. With this new interface…we’re providing learners with easy access to crucial resources that we know are necessary for the knowledge to stick.” The videos can be accessed desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.

SkillSoft courses include technical and digital skills, business courses including personal and interpersonal communications, optimizing team performance, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and more.

Cornell staff, faculty and students all have free access to SkillSoft’s extensive catalogue of books in addition to their courses. Logon to SkillSoft here with your Cornell NetID and password:

To take a video tour of the new video interface:

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