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Skillsoft to remove McGraw-Hill books from all academic and library channels

McGraw-Hill is requiring Skillsoft (as well as all aggregators and digital vendors) to remove all of their titles from Skillsoft subscriptions in academic and library institutions because this conflicts with their own textbook sales.

On December 31, 2015, Skillsoft will remove all McGraw-Hill books from their catalogue. The number of titles differs between the various collections, but in general, there are approximately 1,900 McGraw-Hill books currently available in the Skillsoft offerings, out of over 30,000 books in the Skillsoft catalog.

In a statement issued November 27, 2015 Skillsoft wrote, “We respect that this could impact your learning programs as certain strategic titles may be removed. But we feel confident that the depth of publisher partners available in Books24x7 will provide sufficient coverage with similar high-quality titles from respected publishers.” 

SkillSoft offers over 2,000 courses, 30,000 books, and 30 certificates, including business writing skills, communication skills, computer skills, leadership skills, office skills, presentation skills, problem-solving skills, supervisory skills, teamwork skills and time management and organization skills.

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