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SkillSoft has new mobile app; user-friendly interface

SkillSoft now offers a user-friendlier interface and a new mobile app, for learning on the go.

Cornell staff, students and active faculty have access to hundreds of SkillSoft books, courses and videos in many areas, including: technological and digital skills; human resources; business and leadership skills, and compliance courses. 

Access SkillSoft via the web interface by logging in with your Cornell NetID and password. Once you are logged in, you can create and view a personalized learning plan, browse what’s trending, and search for and save courses. To get started, view the quick start guide.

To download the free mobile app (great for listening to audio books or watching videos), iOS users can download it from the iTunes store, and Android users from Google Play.

To log on to the app, enter “Cornell” into the site name. The app will redirect you to Cornell’s CUWebLogin page. Enter your NetID and password, and the app will redirect you back to Skillport. From there you can manage your settings, update your preferences, search for books and courses, and save items in “My Favorites” folder. 

More information about the mobile app.

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