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Seven Suppliers Selected for New Captioning Services Contracts

Seven suppliers have been granted new contracts to provide captioning services to Cornell. These contracts accommodate Cornell’s requirements for insurance, indemnification, web accessibility, and European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, as well as data privacy, security, and access.

Available services include live human captioning, live auto captioning, closed captioning, transcription, and translation. These contracts resulted from a competitive bid process conducted collaboratively by Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) and Procurement and Payment Services.

With these centrally managed contracts that meet Cornell’s requirements, acquiring captioning services will be simpler. You no longer need to complete an IT Statement of Need or an IT professional services agreement to hire any of these suppliers.

Visit Human Captioning for the most current list of contracted vendors for Cornell units.

Note that 3Play Media is the only supplier listed that provides integration with Kaltura (Cornell’s Video on Demand service).

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