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Secure Connect Will Soon Open to a Campus-Wide Pilot

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In fall 2023 the campus-wide pilot of the Secure Connect passkey service will open to a limited audience. The next step of a multi-phased approach, Secure Connect will reduce or eliminate the need to use a NetID and password for web-based logins, ensuring Cornell has the latest security and features. Traditional password authentication with Two-Step Login (Duo) will still be available.

Who can participate?

IT Service Groups (ITSGs) will be asked to identify staff and faculty whose Cornell-managed devices are already configured to support Secure Connect, and these individuals will be contacted directly with enrollment instructions. If you want to participate in the pilot, please reach out to your local ITSG.

When will potential participants be contacted?

If you are eligible to participate in the Secure Connect pilot, you will receive an email with enrollment instructions once the pilot begins.

What hardware do participants need?

In order to use Secure Connect individuals:

  • Must be using a Cornell-managed device
  • Should have a fingerprint reader installed and accessible to enjoy the full convenience of passkey login (using only a light touch of your finger).
    • Most MacOS devices purchased in the last five years will have a fingerprint reader built in.
    • Most Dell Windows devices that have been purchased over the past five years DO NOT have either a fingerprint reader or an IR camera.
    • Participants will need to activate biometrics on their device
    • Note that docking stations can make fingerprint readers unusable
  • Can use Secure Connect without a fingerprint reader by entering a device password (instead of biometrics) every time they need to authenticate with CUWebLogin.
    This method is not preferred, but it will work. 

Where can I get a fingerprint reader?

CIT is building a process to get fingerprint readers quickly and efficiently for the entire Cornell community. You will ultimately need to arrange this with your local ITSG.


Find out more about Secure Connect.

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