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Restrict Visibility of Ticket Types in TeamDynamix

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In TeamDynamix, one of the basic ways to classify tickets is by Type (CIT uses the custom label Service Type for this field). Currently, people who work on tickets and projects in TeamDynamix can see all Types.

On Friday evening, September 23, 2022, an update will roll out to all TeamDynamix instances, which allows TeamDynamix unit administrators to restrict the visibility of any given Type to specific user groups. This change will allow units using TeamDynamix for project management to designate the use of its Types to a subset of users.

Enabling this feature means deactivating the "View All Types" permission for most users. However, since there are no default restrictions on who can view a Type, this change will not have an immediate impact on any current use of the system.

The IT KnowledgeBase has detailed information about how ticket Types work in the different TeamDynamix instances at Cornell, as well as detailed instructions about how to control who can—or can’t—use different ticket Types.

If you have questions or concerns about this new feature, email, or use one of the support links at

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