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Rescheduled: Alumni Email Routing Changing

Update: The change to alumni email routing planned for April 7-14 is being rescheduled for the summer of 2019. This will allow the change to occur at a time with relatively lower alumni communication and event activity, and allows more time to plan and ensure a smooth transition. Details about timing will be provided as they become available.

Changes will be made so that email sent to Cornell accounts owned by alumni will begin to be routed directly to Microsoft systems for delivery to the alumni Google accounts. This change mirrors similar efforts for student mail routing last year and for faculty and staff routing in 2017.

Once complete, university infrastructure will no longer be in the path of email to or from Cornell Office 365 or Google mail accounts. It will be possible to shut down components not being used anymore, allowing for more efficient allocation of Cornell’s IT resources. 

At certain points during the process of the change, email forwarding self-service will not be available. Information on the Who I Am email tab will be updated to indicate when and how forwarding preferences can be altered.

A method is being created to preserve, for a time after the change occurs, alumni mail forwarding to non-Cornell accounts that had been set in Who I Am. This configuration is intended to help make the change smoother and provide more time to communicate with alumni about shifting their forwarding settings to Google.

Alumni Affairs and Development will handle communications with alumni relating to the change, in consultation with CIT.

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