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Reminder: Student Email Routing/Forwarding Change October 7, 2018

As previously announced, on October 7, 2018, the routing of mail sent to Cornell student and recent graduate accounts will change from Cornell's systems to Microsoft's Office 365, on its way to delivery to the individual's Cornell Google account.
The change is expected to have no noticeable effect on any student who gets their mail only in their Cornell Google account, either by signing in at or, or by using an application connected to that account.
For any individuals still using Cornell Who I Am to forward their email automatically to an outside account, that forwarding will end when the change occurs and Cornell systems like Who I Am are no longer in the delivery path.
Since May, messages have been sent to individuals who have forwarding set in Who I Am, letting them know they need to switch their forwarding to their Google account settings if they want delivery to the outside account to continue after the change. Many thousands have. There are still many accounts that have Who I Am forwarding. Feedback indicates that most affected students are aware a change is happening and have so far chosen not to adjust their forwarding settings. There are also indications a significant share of remaining affected accounts are not in active use.
However, due to the large number of remaining accounts, there is a significant possibility that there will be increased demand for email forwarding support in the weeks following the change. CIT is preparing for this possibility, and the answers to the following questions may help quickly resolve support requests elsewhere on campus.
If you have any questions about the change, please contact the IT Service Desk, and they will be routed to the appropriate person.
I'm not seeing my Cornell email where I expect it to be.
Email to student accounts continues uninterrupted at ( continues to work, too). You can also set forwarding to your outside account there
I'm not sure about Google's forwarding setup.
In general, we recommend against automatically forwarding your email. In addition to getting disrupted by changes like this, it will increasingly be interrupted by other causes. 
For many individuals, there’s an alternative! Most students who forward do so to a personal Gmail account. Google provides a way to sign into multiple accounts at once, allowing you to switch quickly back and forth so you don't need to forward.
If you use an app, consider connecting it directly to your Cornell Google account rather than forwarding first. 
I want to forward my Cornell email to multiple personal accounts.
Google and other major email service providers don't like this practice, so we don't recommend or support it. 
Why is this happening?
The university requires CIT to use resources as efficiently as possible, and not duplicate features available from our vendors. Changing routing from Cornell to Microsoft will allow infrastructure to be shut down and free staff to work on solutions that no one other than Cornell can provide. 
I'm somewhere that I can't sign into Google to get my mail or set up new forwarding.
There are options available to individuals in this situation. Contact the IT Service Desk for details.
I'm no longer a student. Why is this affecting me?
Individuals who graduated in calendar year 2018 still have a status that causes their inclusion in this change. There may be other cases where the interaction of the individuals' roles means they may not think of themselves as a student at present, but they map as one in the records. Since the change is applying to the entire group at one time, and planning is about to start for examining alumni routing (faculty and staff routing was moved off campus last year), individual exceptions are neither possible, nor would they ultimately provide much of a difference in terms of experience.
I never heard about this.
Repeated mailings have been sent to the primary email account (which then forwards them to the outside accounts), as well as directly to the outside accounts themselves. Mentions have also been included in messages to parents, student-oriented web pages, social media, tabling events for move-in, and other locations such as library digital signage, campus bulletin boards, and sidewalk chalking. We're sorry if anyone hasn't heard. Every effort was made to be present in every channel possible.

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