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Reminder: Skype for Business Shutdown, Changes Coming

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Anyone still using Skype for Business will see changes as the service's July 31, 2021, shutdown by Microsoft approaches.

May 24: Skype for Business will start suggesting Teams
Skype for Business will start displaying a message, "Skype for Business will be upgraded to Microsoft Teams," with a button to try Teams. Clicking the button won't affect the ability to keep using Skype for Business. If the Teams app is installed, clicking the button will start Teams. 

June 30: Scheduled Meetings and New Chat Run In Teams
Currently, Skype for Business and Teams run independently. After June 30, meetings that were scheduled in Skype for Business, new meetings with Cornell collaborators, and new instant messaging will happen in Teams instead. 
If Skype for Business is launched after June 30, it will say we've moved to Teams. Skype for Business can still be run to see old conversations or interact with people outside Cornell, but all new activity with the Cornell community will be in Teams.

To get more familiar and switch to Teams, visit:

Zoom is another option for web meetings. Learn more at CIT's Zoom website.

For more information about the change, see Skype for Business Shutdown Frequently Asked Questions.

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