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Reminder: CUWebAuth Retirement Deadline October 1, 2021

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The WebSSO Modernization Project, which includes retiring CUWebAuth and migrating to Shibboleth, has continued with a focus on customer support to help expedite the migration process. The project team has reviewed all websites requiring Shibboleth conversion.

As a reminder, the service retirement deadline is October 1, 2021. At that time, CUWebAuth will be decommissioned and turned off. No exceptions will be made without an approved documented plan in place and an approved request through the security exception process. If you require a security exception, please allow enough lead time for approval prior to the October deadline.

You can access the site migration inventory anytime, which lists the remaining CUWebAuth websites, plus join the e-list for Shibboleth user support.

For more information, visit the WebSSO Modernization Project website.

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