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Reminder: Changes to Begin January 20, 2020

As previously announced, on January 20, 2020, CIT will start removing access to from Cornell accounts that have used it to send email. 
The process will be done in stages, based on how many times the account connected in 2020. Accounts that didn’t connect in the first two weeks of the year will go first. (The group will be compared to 2019 activity to take out past heavy users who just haven’t sent anything yet this year.)
Every day or two, a new group will have access removed. Accounts that sent one message in 2020 will be next, followed by accounts that sent two, and so on. The time between groups will increase with volume sent.
A file listing accounts that have connected to in 2020 has been provided to Cornell IT Service Group Directors. On January 17, they will be provided with an updated file including groups, the earliest date each might have access removed, and the most recent IP address a connection was made from. 
As a reminder, for most users, losing access to is resolved by instead connecting to Microsoft's or Google’s equivalent ( for faculty and staff or for students and alumni). A small number of individuals who use to send mail claiming to be from an address not associated with their Cornell account will need to take a different approach, like setting up an EGA.
Two waves of emails providing information and options have been sent to individuals affected by this change. They will receive a final reminder before access is removed. Instructions are available for email settings for Office 365 and Gmail. An illustration of where outgoing email SMTP settings are located is available for some of the more common mail applications

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