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Remedy Users: Switch view to 'Overview Console'

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Most Remedy users are using the ‘Incident Management Console,’ but we are encouraging Remedy users to switch to the ‘Overview Console.’ In the Overview Console you can view REQ numbers in the Service Request ID column; as well as incident, problem investigation, change request, task, and work order numbers in the Request ID column. 

To update your console to the Overview Console:

1.  Go to your main console view

2.  Click on the Application Preferences (shown on the left hand menu) 

3.  When you click on the Application Preferences link another window will pop open. On this window make sure you have the following fields filled out:

4.  Change the Deafualt Home Page to say Overview Console

5.  On the Work Order Management tab also make sure that the Show Work Order field is set to Yes

6.  Click Save

Now your default home page will be set to the Overview Console and you will be able to see work Orders in that view.

We are encouraging Remedy users to make this change because later this fall the IT Service Management team will be rolling out a Remedy Web Portal where users can submit incidents and work orders. After their request is submitted customers will then be presented with a Service Request number, the REQ number, and will no longer see the Incident, work order, or change request number. We want Remedy users to become familiar with both numbers and where they can find them.

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