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Remedy Smart IT Upgrade December 11, 2016

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Remedy’s Smart IT will be upgraded from version 1.4 to 1.5 on December 11, 2016. Smart IT was designed to be upgraded on a regular basis as the vendor wants to provide new features and functionality to its users in a timely fashion. The upgrade will include:

Assign to me
An 'Assign to me' link has now been added to the ticket types. When you click the 'Assign to me' option, and if you belong to the same support group the ticket has been assigned to, you are immediately assigned to the ticket. If you belong to multiple support groups, you must select your support group from the 'Update Assignment' pane of the ticket.

Remedy's Assign to Me feature

You will now be able to print ticket details from your desktop browser (universal client). For example, from incident details you can click the printer icon to open a preview screen, and then print or generate a PDF file, depending on your system settings. The printout includes core ticket information; such as the ID, description, and status, as well as any activity notes and related items.

Remedy's Print feature

Navigation Bar
The navigation bar in the desktop browser has a new slimmer design that uses less vertical screen space. The new design creates more room for scrollable regions on complex forms.

Add and update tasks from mobile clients 
In Smart IT 1.5, you can now add and update tasks from mobile clients. In previous versions, you could only add and update tasks from the desktop browser. This update is especially useful if you need to create an ad-hoc task while working remotely. To get this functionality you must download the new version of the mobile client from If you try to update via the app store it will not provide the correct update. 

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