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Recent Zoom Feature Changes to Calendar Integration and Schedule Privilege Assignee Access

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Cornell has made changes to options to improve Zoom's synchronization with integrated calendars and to provide additional options for those who have been granted Schedule Privileges on a user's behalf.

Two-way Synchronization Between Zoom and Integrated Calendars Is Now the Default

Synchronization between your Zoom account and any calendars you have integrated with Zoom—for example, Outlook or Google Calendar—has been changed from one-way to two-way synchronization by default. This change is expected to resolve potential issues with existing Zoom calendar integrations, especially date and time mismatches that have been reported between Outlook calendar entries and Zoom meeting schedules.

For details on using calendar integration, see Zoom’s documentation, Using calendar and contacts integration.

Schedule Privilege Delegates Can Be Granted Access to Zoom Cloud Recordings and Reports

A newly enabled option now allows others you have assigned with Schedule Privileges to access Zoom Cloud recordings and reports associated with meetings and webinars they have created on your behalf.

For details on this feature, visit Zoom Schedule Privilege .

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