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Qualtrics To Show Warning on Perceived Requests for Regulated Data

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Starting August 9, 2020, if Qualtrics sees a question being added to a survey that resembles a request for a Social Security Number, Tax ID Number, or Credit Card Number, it will display a caution to the person editing the survey. The question will be marked the same way questions that violate other Qualtrics ExpertReview recommendations are, with an orange iQ icon. When the editor clicks on the iQ icon, they will learn what phrases they used triggered the warning. 

This change will introduce more guidance into the types of data collected by Cornell Qualtrics with minimal disruption to use of the service. For more information about which Cornell services may be used for different types of sensitive data, see the Regulated Data Chart.

Future changes that build on this feature will be staged to accommodate university operational needs and communications to groups that might be affected. Next, a caution will be presented to respondents who are perceived to be entering sensitive information, and the survey builder will be notified if it is submitted as a response. Ultimately, questionable data will be redacted from responses unless an exemption has been granted for the survey in advance.

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