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Qualtrics Links Containing "www" Stop Working June 12, 2017 (new date)

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Qualtrics is Cornell's survey service. If you have longstanding but still-used links to Qualtrics surveys, or bookmarks pointing directly to the Qualtrics login page, check to make sure they do not contain "www", for example, Any links to Qualtrics that use www will stop working on June 12, 2017, after Qualtrics makes changes to their system. (Note: this is a new date, changed from the day Qualtrics originally planned to make the change, June 6.)

To the extent it has been possible to check, it appears the majority of links to Qualtrics that have been shared or used do not contain www, and so should not be affected. However, some traffic has been detected at by Qualtrics, though they are not able to derive details about the destination. This traffic will be interrupted. You can make sure your surveys and sign-ins will continue to work by checking for the www, and removing it wherever you find it. The same link without a www in it will keep working.

For the purpose of signing into Qualtrics, use This is a stable, Cornell-controlled destination that has important information about policies relating to use of the service.

About Qualtrics: Cornell provides Qualtrics for use as a survey tool at no cost by Cornell faculty, staff, students, and retirees. Users can create and distribute their own surveys and gather information in support of the university's educational mission and organizational goals. Qualtrics has been reviewed by CIT's security team and approved for conducting surveys at Cornell. 
More information about Qualtrics.

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