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Qualtrics Library Changes End of January 2023

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At the end of January 2023, Qualtrics will roll out a redesigned version of the resource Library in their survey service. It is intended to be more intuitive, enable more efficient organization of resources, and will have improved accessibility. Instead of separating resources into different libraries for Surveys, Graphics, Files, and Messages, the new library will contain all resource types in one library. 

The new library will be WCAG 2.0 AA accessible. A left navigation pane will make it easier to navigate within and between different libraries. A "flexible folders" feature will allow resources to be organized in other ways than by resource type, such as by project or use case. Each library and folder will be able to be filtered by specific content types. The search bar will allow search of the entire library of resources, instead of searching within separate libraries divided by resource type. Viewing a resource in the new library will provide more information about the resource. Finally, the New resource button will allow quick addition of new resources of any type to your library.

For more information, see Qualtrics' documentation on the Library Redesign.

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