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Qualtrics Legacy Single Response Reports End February 18, 2023

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Qualtrics has announced that an older way to view a report of a single response to a survey will end February 18, 2023. The legacy single response report is a URL formatted like:{surveyId}&R={responseId}&ResponseSummary=True

These URLs are no longer generated by any workflows in the Qualtrics platform. However, Qualtrics has indicated there has been some use of the legacy single response report at Cornell in recent history, possibly because the URL has been manually created in email triggers  or email tasks, by using piped text to add the responseId into the URL. After February 18, 2023, these URLs will no longer work, and will instead return an error.

Any email task or email trigger where the user has manually created the legacy response report URL needs to be migrated to use the new single response report solution. There are two ways to switch to this new solution:

  • Create an email task via Workflows and enable the Include Response Report option. This will automatically include a response report link in your email.
  • Use an embedded data field in your email task to pipe in the new single response report URL. The format of the piped text is {srr://SingleResponseReportLink}.

If you have a question about how to start using the new single response report solution, visit the Email Task support page

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