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Protect Your Personal Data: Opt Out of Receiving Your W-2 in the Mail

You can now opt to receive your year-end W-2 form electronically. By opting out of hard copy delivery, you will be able to print a PDF version as soon as it’s available and as many times as needed. Electronic access eliminates the risk of a lost or stolen W-2, reduces the risk of identity theft, saves postage, reduces environmental impact, and allows you early and instant access.

To suppress the printing of your W-2 and opt in for an electronic copy of your W-2:

  1. Log in to Workday.
  2. On the Workday home page, click the Pay icon.
  3. Under External Links, click How do I opt in for an electronic W-2?. A PDF document will download that contains instructions to follow.

The election to opt in to receive an electronic W-2 will remain in effect until changed. The deadline to opt in to receive an electronic copy of your 2017 W-2 is January 12, 2018.

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