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Protect Your Email Account and Office Documents with Two-Step Login for Office 365

Two-Step Login for Office 365 is available to provide additional protection to your email, calendar, contacts, and shared Office documents. Expanding your use of Two-Step Login to include Office 365 will add these safeguards to your account. If malicious users steal your NetID credentials, Two-Step for Office 365 will prevent them from hijacking your email account.

To take advantage of this added security, go to Manage Your Two-Step Login, click the tab labeled Use Two-Step Login with Office 365, and follow the instructions there.

For a more complete step-by-step guide to the enrollment process, see Opt in to Two-Step Login for Office 365.

What You Need to Know Before Enrolling

While most users can enroll in this added protection without any issues, you’re encouraged to review Before You Start Using Two-Step Login with Office 365 to make sure your systems will work smoothly with Two-Step Login for Office 365.

On this webpage you’ll find a list of compatible desktop and mobile operating systems and email apps. You can also review important considerations for those who use older protocols (IMAP, POP, and SMTP) to receive and send Office 365 messages or regularly access EGA accounts on mobile devices.

Why Should You to Do This?

Members of the Cornell community understand the sensitivity of materials and communications they handle every day. The university is committed to data security, as detailed in Policy 5.10,  Information Security. When you enroll in Two-Step Login for Office 365, you’ll help increase the safety of both your communications and shared documents and those of everyone else on campus.

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