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POP and IMAP DNS to Point to Office 365 Instead of Cornell Systems Early December

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In early December, the DNS records for,, and will change from pointing to Cornell systems to pointing to Office 365. These addresses have no interaction with any email account that has been automatically configured with an Exchange-protocol connection (including all Outlook-branded apps), and the change should have no effect on the operation of working POP or IMAP accounts on current, supported, and even reasonably recent older email applications. 
The change was originally planned for September 17, then delayed to September 24 to allow more time for people to prepare. Because of the important role email serves, the change is now going to occur in early December. 
In the intervening time, members of the Cornell community who use POP or IMAP to connect to Office 365 will be advised to:
Make sure they are using the latest version of their email applications.
Delete any non-working accounts they tried to connect to Office 365 using POP or IMAP. Any student with an account of this type, at the time of the change will see it activate and email sent to their Cornell account since July download to it. Though this will have no effect on their already-working account, and the new one can be deleted, the experience might be surprising.
If they experience an email interruption the date of the change, to consider using the Exchange option to connect to Office 365 available in most current email apps, potentially even the one they are currently using.
The exact date of the change will be provided as soon as it’s available.
While service disruptions to unsupported clients or changes associated with non-functional accounts would not be taken into consideration when updating most services, email and the reactions to changes to it are much more sensitive, and that is being taken into account with this decision to delay. However, there is a good chance that any client old enough to experience an issue has security problems and might have difficulties managing changes Microsoft or Google could make in the future to their mail services without notification or warning.

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