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Please Welcome CIT’s 2021 ADI Summer Interns!

CIT welcomes this year’s group of ADI Summer Interns!

Under the sponsorship of the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI), a multi-unit group that works to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives at Cornell, these thirteen Cornell students will take on a wide range of responsibilities in CIT through early August.

Interns will work with teams that include the Project Management Office, Video Engineering and Event Management, IT Communication, the IT Service Desk, and Enterprise Applications. The internships are part of a larger initiative, which began in DFA units reporting to Executive Vice President and CFO Joanne DeStefano and has branched out across campus. Participating units this year also include Finance, the office of the VP of Undergraduate Education,  Payroll, Compliance Privacy & Risk, Facilities and Campus Services, and Retail.

The ADI summer internships will provide this talented and diverse group of students with valuable hands-on work experience alongside Cornell staff and networking opportunities they can use for the rest of their time at Cornell – and into their careers beyond.

A Snapshot of CIT’s Interns

In alphabetical order, here is this year’s impressive group of student interns. Please take a few minutes to learn a little about each of them.

Austin Brown will work with Video Engineering and Event Services as a Zoom and Kaltura intern. An Information Science major in CALS and a U.S. Navy veteran, Austin has worked as a research assistant helping develop wearable technology, overseen the production of autonomous vehicle models, and been an instructor for topics that include digital systems, programming paradigms, and software development techniques.

Christopher Chan joins the Enterprise Applications team as a PeopleSoft Managed Services intern. A Biological and Environmental Engineering major, Christopher has contributed to projects that include Aguaclara Cornell’s Activated Carbon Lab, SUNY Stony Brook’s Garcia Center for Polymers, and the Cooper Union Summer STEM program. Outside his research and studies, Christopher has worked as a lifeguard and volunteered in food and clothing drives.

Angela Chang will join the IT Communication and Documentation team this summer. Angela is a dual History of Art and Computational Biology major with experience that includes an internship with the Herbert F. Johnson Museum, designing and installing art installations, and writing and designing for Medium Design Magazine and THREAD Magazine.

Kelly Chen will work with the Service Management team as a Service Documentation Analyst. Kelly just completed her first year at Cornell and intends to major in Computer Science. Her experience includes a previous internship with Ithaca eco-focused tech startup Aabix, developing apps for iOS, and raising funds for low-income teens in Costa Rica.

Danielle Frye joins the IT Service Desk this summer interning as a Queue Monitor. Danielle is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and brings a wide range of experience to CIT that includes research on medical devices, coding in a variety of programming language, and a commitment to customer service. Outside work, Danielle has worked in voter registration drives and STEM career diversity initiatives.

Frank Gao, working with the Project Management Office as a Project Coordinator intern, is a rising sophomore who intends to major in Mechanical Engineering. Frank’s experience includes work with CUSail, a team working to produce an autonomous sailboat. In addition, Frank activities include the AUCEC Dragon and Lion Dance cultural exchange organization, where he learned and practiced gong, cymbals, drums, and dance footwork.

Elias Herrera-Guzman joins the IT Service Desk as a Queue Monitor intern. Elias is a Mechanical Engineering major and brings with him experience working on the CUAIR project, helping design and create aeronautical manufacturing processes and designs. In addition, while in high school, Elias conducted component reliability testing in a laboratory at the University of Maryland.

Yvette Hung will work with the Video Engineering and Event Services team as a Zoom and Kaltura intern. Yvette is an Information Science major who has worked with Cornell’s VR Virtual Embodiment Lab and was part of CIT’s Classroom Assistant program last year providing technical support to instructors on classroom technology for hybrid teaching. Yvette has also worked with Cornell Productions, a student-run group providing lighting and audio for on-campus events.

Elizabeth Jung will join the Project Management Office as a Project Coordinator intern. A Communication major with a minor in Business, Elizabeth’s experience includes internships in marketing and supply chain management with a beverage and ecommerce company and data collection and presentation for a laboratory in a large hospital. Elizabeth is also a Dyson Food Marketing Fellow, an honors program for students interested in the food industry.

Tao Long will work on the Enterprise Applications team’s Peoplesoft Managed Services project. A double Information Science and Communication major with a wide range of programming language and technologies skills, Tao’s experience includes COVID effects research with Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis, working as a research assistant in Cornell’s Communication and Collaborated Technologies Lab, and a software engineering internship with Sohu, Inc.

David Marantes will work on the IT Communication and Documentation team as a Writing and Graphic Design intern. A Government and History major, David’s experience includes market research and communications support for an education startup and documenting community responses to the COVID pandemic. He is also a musician who plays trombone in the Big Red Marching Band and pep bands.

Owen Sorber joins CIT’s Enterprise Managed Services as an Application Support and Development intern. Owen is a Computer Science major and has experience with teams that have developed graphical interfaces for aircraft simulation, networking protocols, and graphically simulating 3D telemetry data. Last summer Owen interned with Draper Laboratory to write test scripts and validate system security.

Hannah Tsay will be working with the Project Management Office as a Project Coordinator intern. Hannah is a dual Information Science and Government major whose projects include mathematical modeling of malaria transmission and classic arcade game programming. In addition, Hannah is involved in activities ranging from hospital volunteering to compiling oral histories and designing website to support historical research.

Patrick Yuan joins the Service Management team as a Data and Operations Analyst. Patrick is a Computer Science major who has previously interned with the Boyce-Thompson Institute working with bioinformatics and been a member of the Code Red Robotics team. Patrick’s other interests include programming Python networks in language translation and number recognition.

While CIT staff won’t be able to greet this year’s interns in person in meetings or while getting coffee and snacks from the 120 Maple Ave kitchenette, we hope you will give them a warm welcome and congratulate them if you see them in Zoom or Teams meetings!

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