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Pilot Testing Under Way for Concur Travel Project

The project implementing the Concur travel system is in the first stages of training and testing with a pilot group of representatives from Alumni Affairs and Development, CIT, DFA, and ILR. Concur, a web-based travel solution, automates travel booking, expense reimbursement and reporting.

Between now and mid-February 2017, pilot testers will experience the different aspects of Concur; training, informational, and other resources will be provided to show the ins and outs of the new features that will be available to them.

Identifying individuals' preferred means of booking travel is part of the process, too. The setup will allow users the option of booking online or through a travel agent. Also, for select travel partners, Concur users can take advantage of a service called TripLink to capture data from flights, hotels and ground transportation, no matter where travel is booked.

Another new option will be mobile applications that will let pilot group members book reservations, view itineraries, and manage expenses on the go. One app, ExpenseIt, can not only attach a receipt to a trip report, but also use text recognition to extract vendor names, dates, amounts, and expense category to fully complete the expense report. Another, TripIt, will capture everything booked in Concur and let users forward flight, hotel, or other travel confirmation emails to a specified email address, and TripIt will instantly create a master itinerary for each trip that can be accessed easily at any time.

For more background on the Concur project, please see:

To watch a video about ExpenseIT, visit:

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