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Perceptive Content Upgrading to Version EP4 October 15-17, 2021

The Perceptive Content document management system will undergo a major upgrade to the EP4 version on the weekend of October 15-17. Perceptive will be unavailable beginning at 4pm on Friday October 15, 2021. The system will be live on the new version Monday, October 18, 2021 at 9am.

Improvements and New features in EP4

EP4 contains many bug fixes and improvements to the application that will improve stability. It also includes enhanced web client functionality.

Web Client Improvements

  • Workflow history will now be available.
  • Improvements to annotation such as sticky notes, stamps and highlighting.
  • Date and time history information will be available for Page Captured, Page Linked, Page Modified (User and Time).

Technical information for Desktop Client post-upgrade

After the application has been successfully upgraded all desktop clients will need to be upgraded as well. The desktop clients are neither forward nor backward compatible so the desktop client upgrade will need to be completed after October 15th and on, or before, October 18th.

Please do not upgrade desktop clients before October 15th. This will prevent users from logging into Perceptive Content.

There are two methods to upgrade the client. 

  1. Deploy to your users from Configuration Manager. CIT Desktop Engineering has created a package called MD Perceptive Content EP4 available in CM at: \Software Library\Overview\Application Management\Applications\MD\Non-Imaging. You can deploy the application directly from its current MD location instead of copying the application to your own silo.
  2. An executable file is available upon request. Please email if you need the upgraded exe.

The Perceptive Content upgrade team has coordinated with CIT Desktop support to schedule the desktop client rollout. 

CIT Desktop support will deploy the desktop client as follows: 

  • Friday, October 15th at 5 pm: Make the package available but unannounced in the software center. This will allow our smoke testers, who need to test over the weekend, to manually install the client. Only pre-approved smoke testers will be able to access the application using the new client during this time.
  • Sunday, October 17th at 4 pm: Push the install of the new package to any computers that have the old version of the client. This will ensure that everyone has access to the new version of Perceptive Content on Monday, October 18th.

We recommend this schedule for all colleges and units that manage package installs.

In the unlikely event that we must rollback, and the upgrade is not successful, we will remove the application from its current MD location in Configuration Manager and send an e-mail to net-admin list before October 17th at 4 pm asking you to revoke any scheduled installs.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

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