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PeopleSoft Data Warehouse Moved to Amazon Web Services

On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, the PeopleSoft data warehouse moved to Amazon Web Services. This action was combined with a conversion from a legacy tool used for managing the data to WhereScape data infrastructure automation technologies.  The combination of the new ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool and Amazon Web Services hosting has reduced the nightly refresh time by half and greatly improved automated error detection and recovery for nightly ETL processing. Since this move, all CIT-supported data warehouses are now at Amazon Web Services.

Many individuals from CIT’s Office of Data Architecture and Analysis (ODAA) contributed to this transition in tandem with PeopleSoft Directors and many in CIT and on campus who supported testing.  For more information about the services offered by ODAA, including management of databases in a variety of formats, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostGres, as well as Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Integration and API development and management, contact

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