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Some recent changes have been made to Outlook on the web ( You can now choose to stop previews from being automatically inserted when a link appears in a message. Click the gear icon, and under My app settings, choose Mail. From the Options menu on the left, select Layout, then Link preview. Uncheck the box for Preview links in email, then click Save.

Also, when you're composing a message or replying to one, the formatting bar now appears beneath the message and some composition elements are organized differently. This change is controlled by Microsoft and cannot be reverted. To provide feedback to Microsoft at any time, in the top bar, click ? and near the bottom of the menu, select Feedback. 

Changes to Outlook on the web's interface do not arrive all at the same time for everyone at Cornell. If you do not see aspects described above, it could be that they have not yet been applied to your account and should be appearing soon.

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