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Optimize Web Accessibility with Siteimprove

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Cornell is committed to making its websites accessible to everyone. Meeting web accessibility success criteria calls for a combination of automated and manual testing. Many people university-wide know how valuable Siteimprove is as a web accessibility tool. You can optimize accessibility and maximize your effort using Siteimprove Priority. The Priority feature helps you strategize and strengthen your web accessibility focus, as it pinpoints your most high-traffic pages, links, and documents using a single JavaScript code applied to all your sites.

Siteimprove Analytics JavaScript will not affect web performance. It works seamlessly with other JavaScript, and will automatically start tracking data as soon as it's applied to a site.

To get started with Siteimprove Priority and request your unique Analytics JavaScript code, submit a ticket to

Siteimprove will now also let you recrawl your site outside of the set schedule of every five days. You can initiate a recrawl of a single page, multiple pages, a group, or an entire site. Find out more with the Crawler FAQ.

New to Siteimprove? Contact the IT Service Desk to sign up for this service now.

Get Help with Accessibility
Need help making your website more accessible, including manual testing and enhancement? Siteimprove is a self-service application. If you prefer to hire expert assistance, contact the Custom Development team.

Learn more about Custom Web Development at Cornell and visit us on Facebook.

Accessibility Resources

Upcoming Accessibility Training

  • Register now for Upcoming Web Accessibility Training.
  • CIT’s Custom Development team is hosting a free four-hour hands-on workshop to inform participants about web accessibility and how to evaluate websites for conformance with WCAG 2.0 and interpret the results. To register for this class, visit Web Accessibility Testing Workshop.
  • CIT’s Custom Development team is also hosting a free three-hour hands-on workshop for content contributors. In this session, learn more about the tools available to test your content for accessibility, how to make your content accessible, and how to make PDFs accessible. Note: Bring your own laptop to this training or attend via Zoom. To register for this class, visit Web Accessibility for Content Contributors.

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