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ODAA Business Intelligence Creates Utilities Financial Solutions for Veterinary College

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This past winter, the Business Intelligence team in CIT's Office of Data Architecture and Analytics (ODAA) collaborated with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to develop tools to provide better oversight of their monthly utilities costs. An integration connects Cornell's EBS (Energy Billing System) and the Kuali Data Warehouse and results in dashboards, visualizations, and custom reports merging data from both systems.

As with many types of budget and reimbursement work at Cornell, analysis of utility billings within a college can be complex. ODAA's Business Intelligence team created solutions that:

  • Provide dashboards containing detail elements like budgets and actuals by meter for quick variance analysis
  • Make comparisons of costs across multiple years
  • Deliver other analytics to save analysts and administrators time and effort
  • Integrates with other existing OBIEE dashboards currently in use at the college
  • Runs nightly updates to keep data in sync

Modeling was developed to help present the data in a way that fits in well with how finance staff need to contextualize information. It's tailored to their work and logic is present that helps with deriving which account will be charged.

Ultimately, the modeling and dashboards help the College of Veterinary Medicine save money by saving time, replacing what used to require a lot of manual effort with automated tools and processes.  Use of these analytical tools has the potential to reduce energy consumption by providing college administration with more insight into usage patterns.

The solutions can easily be converted and scaled for any college or division. For more information, contact the Office of Data Architecture and Analytics. You can also learn more on ODAA's Business Intelligence website

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