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New representatives, structure, for Cornell Employee Assembly

CIT has a new representative on the Employee Assembly. Liz Field, from IT Communications, will be representing several administrative units in the newly restructured Employee Assembly. The EA recently increased its body from 19 to 28 staff members. The members will represent academic colleges and units, staff units, and affinity-based seats. 

The EA members are committed to providing employees with a means of continuous involvement in the governance of the affairs and life of the University. Working closely with members of the administration, the EA encourages a higher visibility for employees as community members, more equal participation with faculty and students in the policy-making process, and an increased sense of community among all constituencies through shared responsibilities.

CIT employee Liz Field ran for an uncontested seat and will be sworn in on June 1, 2016. She says, “My goal on the EA is to advocate for IT staff needs so we can provide the best support to students and faculty, to promote and support the university’s diversity and inclusion plan, and to engage policymakers and administration in the University to work toward making Cornell a healthy work environment for everyone.”

Meetings are always open to Cornell staff members.

To see the list of meetings for the current academic year:

To view the election results:

To read the candidates’ personal statements:

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