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New Managed Firewall Service

CIT, the IT Security Office, and campus IT partners will provide protection to the campus networks with a system of distributed firewalls under the new Managed Firewall service. These firewalls will result in an efficient, economical, and flexible system that allows units at Cornell to control their necessary level of protection.

The Managed Firewall service is a free opt-in service that will become available for request on January 4, 2016. All requests for the Managed Firewall service must come from an IT security liaison or IT unit director.

If you are interested in this service and are an IT security liaison or IT unit director please send an email to the IT Service Desk requesting the Managed Firewall service. A member of the IT Security Office will respond to your request. All others should contact your assigned IT security liaison or IT unit director. This service is implemented only after your unit has worked closely with the Security Office to determine the settings for your managed firewall and the administrator of your managed firewall has undergone training for the use of the service.

When the university began its evaluation of a contemporary firewall the selection process deliberately incorporated policy, privacy, and the concerns of higher education culture. Administration of the firewall will respect university considerations of the privacy of individual members of its community; as well as respect to long-standing university culture around network bandwidth, free and open access to information, and peer-to-peer content blocking and monitoring that can be found in University Policy 5.1, 5.5, 5.9 and others.

The Managed Firewall will replace the current Edge ACLs. Full migration off of the Edge ACLs will be completed by January 4, 2017. If you currently use Edge ACLs for your security protection please make arrangements before January 4, 2017 to switch to the Managed Firewall service. If you don’t opt-in to the Managed Firewall service please find another security provider.

The Managed Firewall service is a specific tool that will address contemporary Internet threats and allow departments to craft a security posture appropriate to their specialized needs. For more information please visit the Managed Firewall page.

For questions concerning the Managed Firewall service please contact IT Security via email or phone (607) 255-6664.

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