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New Cornell Email Quarantine Feature

In early March CIT will be upgrading our current email routers. This process will take four days as we transition to the new routers. The new inbound email routers will support industry best practices in spam quarantine management. With the upgrade of the email routers spam will no longer be rejected, it will be quarantined in the PureMessage system. This upgrade was originally scheduled to take place this past week, but was delayed to provide more time for the IT community to understand and prepare for the new quarantine method. Everyone who has a Cornell email account will receive information on how to access PureMessage.

Important information about Cornell Email Quarantine:

  • The Cornell Email Quarantine feature can be found in a separate system called PureMessage.
  • Mail that was previously flagged as spam and rejected will now be quarantined.
  • PureMessage will hold quarantined messages for 14 days.
  • PureMessage is NOT similar to Junk mail or Clutter.
  • In PureMessage you will have whitelist and blacklist capabilities.
  • In PureMessage you can choose to receive a daily digest of your quarantined mail.

Information on PureMessage and spam control.

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