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New Box Feature: Mark for Offline

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Box Drive is releasing a new feature called Mark for Offline (MFO) on October 31. Cornell Box users should update to the latest Box Drive after October 31. If you already have Box Drive installed, the feature will appear automatically. If Box Drive offers you an update before October 31, be sure to accept the update so you have the version that contains MFO.

With the Mark for Offline feature you will be able to access your work without network connectivity. You can select documents you want to work with offline and Box Drive will automatically download the latest version to your desktop. Once you are back online, Box Drive will automatically upload your changes back to Box, ensuring you and your collaborators are always working with the most up-to-date versions of your files.

Currently, Box Sync provides a similar feature, but with the Box Drive update on October 31, CIT encourages you to uninstall Box Sync and install Box Drive to get the best functionality out of Box. Managed Desktop users on Mac can go to self-service, optional software, and select Box Drive. Windows users go to software center, applications, and click Box Drive. Follow the instructions on the screen (this may uninstall Box Sync for you).

For more information, visit About Box Drive.

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