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New App for IT Statements of Need

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IT Statements of Need are now easier to submit and, if you have access, to view and search.

Using the new IT Governance web app, you can enter all the information needed for an IT Statement of Need and track its status toward approval. You'll also be able to use the same web app to submit the Web Accessibility Triage form and the Data Steward Request form, if either are required.

Please note that the process for submitting your purchasing request to Cornell Procurement, the University Business Service Center, or the Business Service Centers remains unchanged at this time: attach copies of the IT Statement of Need, the "next steps" email, and documentation showing the outcome or results of those steps.

Employees with a Cornell NetID can submit an IT Statement of Need and track their own statement's progress toward approval. Access to see all IT Statements of Need is still restricted to the same group as before (primarily directors and university leadership).

You'll notice that a few new fields have been added to the IT Statement of Need form. That information reduces the need for follow-up questions and clarifications, makes it easier to find specific IT Statements of Need, and facilitates the other steps involved in ensuring that Cornell makes sound IT purchasing decisions and remains in compliance with all applicable laws and university policies.

Those who are authorized to see all IT Statements of Need will be able to view them as webpages (instead of PDFs) and sort using new search and filtering options. They can also comment directly on an IT Statement of Need during the collegial review period and see comments from others.

These changes, launched June 24, are designed to improve the efficiency of the IT Statement of Need process.

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