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New affiliations and types in Enterprise Directory 11/17

On November 17, 2015, three new affiliations and types will be added to the Enterprise Directory: faculty, retired faculty, and emeritus.

Since the Directory was implemented, all employees with academic appointments have been assigned the generic "academic" type. One reason for the change is that there is a longstanding desire to be able to identify faculty as a distinct group. It's also necessary to distinguish between individuals with emeritus status and non-emeritus retired faculty, because emeritus faculty receive different services from the University.

When the change is made, initially only current faculty and retired faculty will be assigned their new types. Identity Management is working with Human Resources to establish processes that will conclusively identify faculty with emeritus status. Once this is possible, use of that type will be phased in as the individuals are identified.

Beginning 10/27, these changes will be available in the test directory (ldaps:// for users to preview.

To see the full list of affiliations, Directory values, and central IT service entitlements, visit:

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