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NetID Security Enhanced for Password Changes and Resets

As part of CIT’s continuing efforts to protect the secure data of Cornell faculty, students, and staff, starting Sunday, June 2, 2019, users who change or reset their Cornell NetID passwords will need to authenticate with Two-Step Login.

The change will specifically affect those with Cornell NetIDs who need to change or reset a password using the “Change Your Password” or “Forgot Your Password” options on the Manage Your NetID website.

Most members of the Cornell community who use secure online services at Cornell will already be familiar with the Two-Step Login process. It allows users to verify their identity using a smartphone app, landline phone, hardware token, USB device, or text message bypass codes. This change further reduces the possibility an unauthorized individual will use the Manage Your NetID service to change a Cornell user’s credentials and gain access to secure information and resources.

For information about setting up Two-Step Login, visit Get Started with Two-Step Login.

Users who encounter issues resetting a NetID password or using Two-Step Login should contact the IT Service Desk for support.

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