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Net-Print launches successfully January 10

Last week, CIT’s Net-Print team, in collaboration with many IT Service Groups across campus, launched a new version of the Net-Print system. Anyone who uses Net-Print will need to install the new software and printer queues, which became available on January 10.

While most Net-Print users are still on break, as of the morning of January 20, 850 users have successfully printed 3,290 print jobs to 117 printers from their own laptops and in computer labs across campus.

Joanne Button, chair of the Net-Print working group, expresses her gratitude for all the exceptional help from IT colleagues across campus. “The Net-Print team looks forward to continuing to work closely with our campus partners as we prepare for the extensive roll-out to returning students,” Button says.

To read more about the Net-Print enhancements:

Read the Case Study on AAP’s pilot with the Net-Print system:

Find out more about how to use the Net-Print system, and get the downloads:

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